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How to Grow Long Hair As a Guy

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Thinking about growing your hair out? its not as easy as you might think, but this idiot proof guide will help you guys out. Unless you are willing to be the subject of much discussion then don't try this. Many people may mistake you for a girl but if you persevere then it will be worth it. Also if your hair is getting in your eyes then don't be afraid to tie it up.


  1. Make sure this is something you want to do. Most guys who grow long hair start from a relatively short style, and hair grows at about half an inch per month (that's six inches per year).
  2. Identify your hair type. There are umpteen different 'types' of hair, but for the purpose of this article they can be classed in 4 broad categories, straight, wavy, curly & frizzy. This step is important as it will affect how you care for your hair later down the line. If you don't know what type of hair you have, ask your parents. Chances are you haven't always had a shaved head, and they can remember what it was like before.
  3. Don't cut your hair. Some people believe that trims help hair grow faster. This is false. Cutting your hair makes it shorter, not longer. If you cut it, you only prolong the awkward stage. Don't cut it for fear of splits either, you won't have to worry about them for a long time. Even when you get a couple they won't go all the way to the root and stop growth as some think. And good haircare will minimize the amount you have.
  4. Develop good hair hygiene. Keep your hair clean, but remember that the natural oils in your hair are what strengthen it. So, every once in a while, it's okay to go without washing it.
  5. To Wash: the basic routine for a guy is to thoroughly wet your hair, shampoo all over, then thoroughly wash the shampoo out. Conditioner is a must, but only use it on your ends or your hair will get greasy. Let it air dry, the conventional way to towel dry your hair can often damage it! So go easy and dab it dry. Using heated appliances such as blow dryers can dry out your hair and make it more susceptible to damage.
  6. As your hair lengthens, its type (see above) will become more important. Straight hair is easy, but curly wavy & frizzy hair can be troublesome. If you're growing out hair of this type, make sure you brush it as best you can, to avoid unruly knots. This is a lot more uncomfortable than you can imagine if you've never had an obstinate knot in your hair before.
  7. The longer your hair gets, the more you may need to tie it up to keep it out of your eyes (for whatever reason). Good ways to do this are: Just a simple ponytail behind your head. The main downside of this is your hair needs to be at least medium length to do this. If it is, ask your mom, sister or a friend to show you how, it's not as easy as it appears at first. Other ways to restrain your hair are bandannas, & beanie hats. When your hair gets long enough you can use braids, pigtails, etc. to hold your hair back. These styles are not feminine. They are just hairstyles. Don't believe me; Ask Willie Nelson. Do not restrain your hair with rubber bands or barettes, they will damage your hair.
  8. Be patient. Hair takes time to grow, and until it gets to shoulder length or thereabouts it will look crappy. There are no two ways about it. Please realize that for anything from a few months to a year and a half, you'll look fairly silly with your half grown hair. But don't be disheartened, the important thing to remember is to be a man about it, no matter how crummy your hair looks in this awkward period, think how sweet it'll look when its done!
  9. There you have it, the manly way to grow hair!


  • To grow hair fast the best thing to do is to keep it loose or be less tense. If you're stressed your hair will actually grow slower, no joke. So just chill. The more relaxed you are the faster your hair will grow. Also, Leave-in conditioner can stop it from becoming a birds nest, and you can use it whenever you want. Highly recommended.
  • Go to your local vitamin shop and pick up a good multi-vitamin for hair, skin & nails. Main components should be: Vitamin A(from fish liver oil), Multiple B Vitamins(Including Biotin, Folic Acid, Pantothenic Acid), and vitamin C... among others. If you want long, healthy hair you've got to feed it the nutrients it requires!
  • When brushing your hair you'll get knots no matter what type of hair it is. When brushing out knots, don't just drag until the knot comes out or it hurts too much, this will just damage your hair. Instead grab a handful of your hair behind the knot and then brush, this way you can feel the brushing and it doesn't damage your scalp.
  • Avoid brushing your hair when it is wet. Your hair is weaker when it is wet and brushing can cause hairs to break. Use a wide toothed comb when your hair is wet instead. Use a boar's hair brush when your hair is dry. However, for those with curly or frizzy hair, brushing when dry is not an option, and thus hair must be combed when wet.
  • Long hair and the wind don't mix. In winter, try restraining your growing hair with one of the ways above, although you may be lucky enough to have thick, heavy hair that's hefty enough to stay down in the wind.
  • If you're thinking about growing long hair and are mostly bald or going bald or with a bald patch... go for it. See: Benjamin Franklin, Devin Townsend of Strapping Young Lad, George Carlin, and Hulk Hogan.
  • During the "awkward stage" of growing your hair, try styling it; some guys spike it so it doesn't cover their eyes, and it looks cooler.
  • Experiment with your growing hair. As it gets longer you're going to need a parting sooner or later, so try and find a good one.
  • Be patient! As stated, growing hair is time consuming. Try finding a new use for your hair – if you like hard fast music, try head-banging, it can be great fun!
  • When your hair is of your desired length, get it cut so it's the same length all the way around.
    • Just remember who really matters. Most girls do like guys with long hair, if for nothing else, the originality.

  • In the Rastafarian religion, there is a saying... "A man without hair is like a tree without leaves." So, if you decide that nature is what is best for you, then do it! Never let anyone bring you down for your choices!


  • Do not use a brush with wet hair. Use a large toothed comb. This will DE-tangle your hair without damaging the roots. It is very important to DE-tangle wet hair because it is difficult to brush out the knots once your hair is dry.
  • If you're the thin skinned sensitive type, this probably isn't for you. At the moment guys with long hair are in the minority. And you can get plenty of abuse for it.
  • Beware that professions involving medicine may frown upon long hair as it is seen as unhygienic. If you plan to be in a medical career, having long hair as a teenager is fine, but you may eventually have to cut it short again. However, one should check with the place of employment as most hospital's allow long hair (men or woman) it just has to be tied back (like a ponytail).
  • If your job involves working with food, you will probably be asked to wear a hairnet.
  • Remember, if you've been in a job since before you had long hair, and you've been dropped because of the new hair, this may be unlawful discrimination and there is probably some sort of legal action you could take.
  • Don't be disheartened by all this. Growing hair is a timely process, so don’t worry if 6 months in you've only grown a few inches. Look back at photos of yourself and think 'man, my hair's grown since then'
  • Don't be put off by discrimination. While some people hate long hair, some people will respect you for it. And it shows you're a stronger person if you stand up to people who harass you over it.
  • Not all girls like long hair. The ones who do, though, are going to like you a whole lot because the number of guys with long hair is considerably smaller than the number of guys with shorter hairstyles.
  • A commonly heard rumor is that the longer your hair is, the more it will fall out; however, this statement is scientifically unfounded. As your hair gets longer, it will appear that it is falling out more frequently, as each hair is longer and more noticeable than the short hairs. Even if this rumor is partially true, it is by a very small amount and it WILL grow back - long hair does not affect baldness whatsoever unless one constantly is pulling hard on it.

Things You'll Need

  • Shampoo, conditioner & running water
  • Brush, comb, or hair pick depending on hair type
  • Time and patience

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