Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gastronomical Adventure

Seafood always makes me go ga ga.... So when someone I met in a chatroom asked for a meeting, the devil in me suggested a deep dive into exotic food in Singapore. That promptly got me a date with this fabulous creature cooked and presented in a pot... chilly crab. Jumbo seafood is a nice mostly open air restaurant on the banks of Singapore river (Clark quay). Just after we ordered, I was assaulted from behind by a waitress... and amidst scary jumps and giggles, I soon found myself in this version of a strait jacket from Jumbo seafood.

My friend had different taste buds and I gave in and took a taste of prawns coated in nestum cereal... hmmm, sweet seafood is different... nice to try.

But soon the star of the show arrived and it looked, smelled and tasted heavenly... it was all i could do to try and use the 'tools' provided to eat it. Much to my friend's shock and horror, I went at it with both forelimbs and all teeth

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dec 21 2012, what if it is the end...

This afternoon, a few of my colleagues were having a lunchtime gossip session about the doomsday prediction for dec 21st 2012. I got busy just after the discussion, but the nagging thought continues, what is my strategy for the end?

I dont really believe that the end of the world is so near. So if it happens, I dont think I will be affected by the feeling of impending doom and feel like a rat in a sinking ship. Certain things in the world are best left as a mystery... let it be.

What is my strategy for doomsday?

I suppose people would be more reckless in the days preceding the end, but I would be optimistic that we will live to see the dawn of 22nd dec 2012 all over the world and then it would be just BAU (Business as usual) to undo all the nutty things people did to the system in fear of doom.

I will probably take a few weeks off from work a few months preceding D-Day. I would spend some time with my daughter, looking after her and giving her all the love I have pent up in me, just look at her and shed some tears, smile and lie about something in my eye when she asks why I am crying, Kiss her to make the hurt go away and ask for her kiss in return to make my hurt vanish.

I will dedicate a week to my first love, the bullet that I last saw at Pune railway station, my Anakutty that fate mysteriously keeps me from meeting. I will overcome whatever obstacles there are to take her on a trip again. To feel her thumps reverbating through my body and let her take me far away from all the itty bitty things in life. Then I will bid a tearful goodbye and report back to work, full of hope and trust in the power which I believe is god.

If he wishes that it is the end of the world, it is because he has seen that the earth has suffered enough damage and it is time for mother earth to have a fresh start. All things and events, good or bad should come to an end and maybe it is time, maybe it is not. I am not knowledgable enough to read the signs he gives to know for sure one way or the other, so as with every decision I took in life till now in matters beyond my control, I look at whatever form of god is available to me right then... be it christ, budha, krishna, the sun, the moon or the sea, or even the voice of sanity in my heart and I will say.." do what you believe is best, for in you I trust"

I will then report to work and do my part optimistically to try and make the logging services of the world's largest electronic payment system continue it's business as usual.If I die, it's his wish, if I live, it's his gift. Let's get on with life thinking as always:
Suppose you're god, would you do what you are thinking right now? If the answer is yes, go do it, else... dont.

Life is a ticket to the greatest show on earth. -> When the show's over, what good is the ticket?