Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gastronomical Adventure

Seafood always makes me go ga ga.... So when someone I met in a chatroom asked for a meeting, the devil in me suggested a deep dive into exotic food in Singapore. That promptly got me a date with this fabulous creature cooked and presented in a pot... chilly crab. Jumbo seafood is a nice mostly open air restaurant on the banks of Singapore river (Clark quay). Just after we ordered, I was assaulted from behind by a waitress... and amidst scary jumps and giggles, I soon found myself in this version of a strait jacket from Jumbo seafood.

My friend had different taste buds and I gave in and took a taste of prawns coated in nestum cereal... hmmm, sweet seafood is different... nice to try.

But soon the star of the show arrived and it looked, smelled and tasted heavenly... it was all i could do to try and use the 'tools' provided to eat it. Much to my friend's shock and horror, I went at it with both forelimbs and all teeth

1 comment:

  1. WoW. Thats great food :)

    I just love the sea and especially goan sea food!