Friday, November 13, 2009

An enemy turned friend....

Breakfast is good in a rush.... Lunch is great with friends, the work gives much needed companionship till the fall of night... finally I head for home... home? isn't that where my heart is?

As I move closer, I feel the dark shadows of loneliness close over me, I try to slow it's approach, to shine a light into it by being cheerful..... the enemy is smart, it knows to start with the heart. It's grip inside my chest slowly drains the last of my smile as I wearily plugin my key to the luxurious place my company gave me. I close the door every night into a world of silence barely broken by the blaring TV, of cold barely warmed up by the climate control, of loneliness.... frightening loneliness, the feeling of being alone in a city of 5 million... yet I am relieved.... I experience peace as I never had before...

Curling into the bosom of the very enemy who scared me minutes ago, I eat my lonely dinner knowing it wont be interrupted... my scars have started to heal... like preferring instant death to prolonged suffering, I give a sigh of relief and go to sleep peacefully with the enemy.

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  1. family ellathe otakku enjoy cheyyunnu ennano udheshiche??? Mrs. kekkanda :)