Sunday, April 5, 2009

What will I haunt?

Watching "Casper" on TV ignited a thought... If I were to die today and was left around as a ghost, what would I haunt?

Death was something I used to fear, never for myself but for people I loved... but putting myself there was a new feeling. As Casper sat on his toy train and it went around bearing his ghostly form, I couldn't help but wonder, what I would end up haunting.

My bullet of course would be my first choice to haunt, for all I know, It may even resurrect me. Those thumps make the heart feel like beating. For the ghost with no revenge, the objects for haunting should logically be those that gave it pleasure during it's life.

In that case I'd be haunting some poor soul's pack of Marlboro lights, I hope ghosts can inhale, if not, Metro 4 smoking area would be the haunt, to listen to friends talking, having a passive puff from them.

Maybe being an IT worker's ghost, I will be able to haunt my favorite chatroom, the place were a lot of friends were made and a lot of lessons were learnt.

Finally, rather than haunt, I would like to just sit on the cliff near my secret beach on CA - 1, for sure with many others just like me and fly off into the moon reflected over the calm pacific. Aah... maybe that's just the sweetest end to life.

1 comment:

  1. I liked tht haunting chat room part...though i wouldnt want a ghost reading my chats ! And of course ur anakutty n secret beach will be the first places one would start looking out for u or keep away from!! ;)